How to make your site visitors come back for more

What’s the easiest way to make your site visitors come back for more and more and more?

The answer? Spend just a couple of hours each week building a massive website filled with content… content… content.

You heard me say it over and over again… content is number one. The more beneficial information you offer to your site readers, the more they will want to return to see what’s new. The idea here is to capture the attention of your visitors and hold on to it. This can be done in a number of ways.

1. Use free content
This is the cheapest way to find content for your site. There are literally tons of websites, known as article directories, where you can source free articles covering a wide variety of topics. The articles are posted with the understanding that the members can use them as they please, just as long as you do not edit or delete the resource box. The most preferred way to getting free content, is to join an affiliate program that offers free, pre-written content for members to use.

The main benefit of using free content is that you are spared the task of writing it yourself.

One such Company, MoreNiche, provides their affiliates with new article updates on an on-going basis to keep content fresh. If affiliate marketing is new to you, and this is your first attempt at setting up a website, then joining a site like MoreNiche would be the most suitable option for you to choose. Free content will really jump-start your affiliate marketing business and get the profits rolling in.

2. Use Private Label Content
A tad bit restrictive, private label content (or PLC) refers to a variety of media including articles, user manuals and E-books. Unlike free content sites, private label content is available for a fee. The site user is usually required to pay for the right to use the site. A subscription fee, of sort. In addition, users of private label content have to indicate that the media is being used with the author’s permission, cannot claim ownership of it, and cannot submit the articles to free articles databases.

Although, the restrictions may seem like a problem, there is a special benefit to using PLC that is often overlooked.

When you use private label content, you don’t necessarily have to include a resource box. The benefit of this is that your readers remain with you all the time. There is no web address inviting your visitors to leave your site and go to theirs.

3. Build a mailing list
Whether you choose to use free content sites or PLC sites, there is a way to use the articles to keep your visitors coming back for more.

To begin building a mailing list, start by subscribing to an email auto responder service that will send your articles to subscribers on a timed schedule. The sites will have tutorial pages to walk you through the steps of uploading your articles to their database and setting up an opt-in box. Most successful affiliate marketers use auto responders to apply a “free crash course in…” strategy to build their mailing lists. If you use this method to build your list, you should use the PLC articles to train your subscribers.

Try downloading at least 25 to 45 articles to use in your auto responder campaign. The articles should cover your niche as well as provide an incentive to return to your site. Try something like “read more about…” or “get a free copy of…”

The action terms should convince your subscriber that it will be in their best interest if they return to your site. Be sure to include your site URL so that your subscriber can return to your site in a single click.

The techniques presented here are proven, sound methods that are being used to create unlimited wealth for many. Apply them to your business and you will see results faster than you can imagine.

Gregorio Garcia lives in Florida with his wife of 7 years, Sherise, and has been helping people promote their internet- and home-based businesses since 1998. An active and successful Affiliate Marketer, Gregorio has built teams of Associates for organizations such as Global Domains International (GDI), MoreNiche, WorldNiche, GenBucks, Worldprofit, Reliv International, Quantum International (UK), Symmetry International (JA), just to name a few. To learn more about affiliate marketing and niche markets, visit his current site at



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