Every Day is Mother Day..

The love of a mother is unlike any other, as is the touch, the care, and the role a mother fills to forever serve her family.Before I continue in this vein of celebrating and acknowledging the gift of motherhood, let me say to those who never had the privilege of experiencing this intimate part of life – I am sorry that you missed out on experiencing the love a mother gives.I further realized and acknowledge that not every person has had a good or great experience with his or her mom, so to you I am also sorry that you were robbed of such a powerful and enriching experience.To all the mothers who never gave up on their children, I salute you! You are our champions, our heroes, our lifelines, our refuges and our support. Thank you for never giving up on us, thank you for being there when everyone else may have quit on us, thank you for going without, so that we could be clothed, and fed. Thank you for rising early and staying up late, and for demonstrating your love for us in tangible ways. Thank you for forgiving us when we blew it, lied to you, disappointed you, or made you angry. Thank you for the sacrifices you made that we will never know about.Thank you for being great role models, for your patience, your acts of kindness, your hugs, your kisses, your smile, and for filling our homes with laughter. Thank you for creating healthy memories for us to hold unto. Thanks for brushing our hair, bathing us, washing our clothes, cooking our yummy suppers, and baking the best bread. Thank you for making our house a home, and thank you for your constant presence and resounding words that echoes in our hearts, years after we’ve left the nest that reminds us that we can so do it, and to never quit or give up.Thank you for always being here – a listening ear, and for always, always being positive and for helping us to see the better and brighter picture.My day could be at its worst, I could be down for whatever reason, and it could be compared to a dark, rainy, stormy day. So miserable that all you want to do is to stay indoors, then mom calls, or an email is received, or her voice surfaces within your soul and all of a sudden, it is sunny. In an instant my attitude and outlook changes, and like the lyrics of an oldie goes – “I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way…all of the dark clouds that had me down…it’s going to be a bright, bright sun shiny day.” Mothers, take a bow, you are the best because you are our champions and fill the best office in the world. Happiest Mothers Day, today and always! 


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